Here Are All The Very Final Fantasy-ish Outfits You Can Wear In ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’

09.17.13 5 years ago 12 Comments


You’re going to get to play a lot of dress-up in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. See, Lightning is a girl, so her powers are of course tied to the sassy outfit she happens to be wearing at the moment. Accessorize or die!

So, Square-Enix recently released a trailer featuring all the outfits available in the game, and hoo boy, are they ever Final Fantasy-ish. So many straps, buckles, and random flowy flourishes. Hit the jump to check ’em out…

Wow, I’d say at least three-quarters of those outfits included pants or at least something covering Lightning’s butt. I appreciate the restraint, although…[immediately puts her in the one costume with a thong].

via DualShockers

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