First Episode and Trailer For Danger 5 Is ’60s Spoof Insanity

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Did you like Italian Spiderman? If the answer is no, we can’t be friends. If the answer is “I didn’t see it,” all is forgiven, and here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of something awesome from two of the Aussies behind Italian Spiderman (David Russo and David Ashby). Their new episodic webseries Danger 5 has arrived, and it’s ridiculously cheesy in a great way. Imagine the old spoof In Like Flint or the recent French OSS 117 parodies if they added dinosaurs, talking eagles with high military rank, lizard men, robots, and a plot to kill Hitler. I’ll let a couple other websites try to explain it better than I can:

There are dinosaurs with machine guns strapped to them, there are zeppelins stealing the Eiffel Tower, there are sexy 60’s style people getting sexy and apparently the Antarctic is run by dinosaur people living in a tropical forest. [DaveAndThomas]


Episode One Synopsis: Jackson, Pierre and Tucker are deep undercover in Nazi Germany. Armed with guns, poison, plastic explosive and raw patriotism, they plan to end World War II at Hitler’s favourite nightspot, the Black Dog. Just as the Big Man shows up in their iron sights, so does his new bullet-proof vest — made of 24-carat She-Nazis! [QuietEarth]



The trailer and first episode are below, and the next episode drops at Danger 5 next Monday (Nov. 28th) at 8:30 PM Central.

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