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So, the first episode of new Doctor Who Matt Smith premiered in Wales the other day (God, why do the Welsh get everything cool?) and the BBC has released a new, tiny clip from it which contains no spoilers. (Although, I’m speculating that the girl in it is a young version of new companion Amy Pond.) It doesn’t do much to allay fears that the new doctor will be a spastic madman as seen in The End Of Time, but then the Doctor has a long tradition of going kinda nutso after regenerating. (The Sixth even strangled his companion for a bit, which oddly isn’t a euphemism.)

The bigger news is that apparently they showed a preview of series 5 afterwards that included shots of the Cyberman, the Silurians (an old-series Who race that evolved on Earth long before man, but went into hibernation) and shots of dogfights in space, which are always welcome. The also confirmed that they’re be another Who Christmas special this year written by show runner Steven Moffat, which is a pretty nice gift.

The new episode, The Eleventh Hour, will air in Britain on April 3rd and on BBC America on April 17th.

[BBC News via Io9]

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