“Flash Gordon” Allegedly a Franchise; Good Luck With That

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07.20.10 3 Comments

“Flash Gordon” is one of those properties that Hollywood can never seem to make a hit, and also just can’t seem to let go of. Six TV series, a movie that was only a hit in the UK, and a couple of film serials…just like “The Phantom”, they can’t seem to let go of the idea, even though the strip has gone by the boards too.

And now Breck Eisner, the director of “Flash Gordon 3D”, is talking franchise.

On the bright side, for once, somebody talking franchise is being sensible about it. The new Flash movie will have a sequel hook, but also a definite ending. It’s also going to be an original story, although apparently they’re not changing the name of the planet he saves: it’s still Mongo.

On the dark side, no Queen song. At least he didn’t hire “Queen Plus Whoever We Can Hire as a Lead Singer That Can Hit Some of Freddie’s Notes” to compose a new one.

Also, we’re skeptical of this whole franchise thing. People have been trying to turn Flash Gordon into a cultural juggernaut for, oh, six or seven decades, and it’s not sticking. Don’t stake your job on it, Breck.

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