‘The Flash’ Will Get His Own Pilot

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11.18.13 11 Comments


There was a lot of concern, when it was announced that an episode of Arrow would serve as a backdoor pilot for The Flash, that the two wouldn’t mesh well. But apparently we’re not going to find out; The Flash is getting a pilot of his very own.

Apparently this is because they want the show to look its best. And the CW really likes Barry Allen’s upcoming episodes:

The decision was made after CW brass saw cuts of Episodes 8 and 9, which have been very well received. Filming a stand-alone Flash pilot would allow the creators to better flesh out the superhero’s story and his world on a bigger budget, as pilot budgets are significantly higher than episodic ones. While no longer a full-blown spinoff, The Flash still will be tethered to the Arrow universe since the the character (as Barry Allen) will first be introduced there.

We’ll be getting a load of Barry come December 4th. But in the meantime, this is actually a pretty good sign for the Flash’s second shot at a TV series. Backdoor pilots are generally done because those involved want to be cautious and aren’t sure if the series will appeal to others; basically it’s a cheap way to test the waters. If the CW saw the show and decided it could stand on its own, that’s a good sign it’s actually worth watching.

And it’s good for Arrow, as it can keep its quasi-realistic edge a little bit longer. Of course, eventually, the two shows will have to acknowledge each other. But the longer we can keep Ollie in the realm of unrealistic martial arts fights and away from hunting vampires, the better it’ll be.

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