Footage From “Nazis in Space”

Entertainment Editor
05.14.10 3 Comments

Well, okay, it isn’t actually called “Nazis in Space” (it’s not a SyFy Original after all).  We’ve previously posted a teaser and photos for Iron Sky, the Finnish movie about Nazis who fled to the moon in 1945 (like ya do), and later send back Julia Dietze to plan the 2018 Mooninite Nazi invasion.  I hate Mooninite Nazis.

The first footage is below.  Once again, they’ve picked an awesome song for their video (“B Machina” by Laibach).  The only complaint I have is that they ask for money at the end.  You telling me a movie about space Nazis can’t get enough funding but a movie based on the Candyland board game is in development at Universal Pictures?  Universal, I am disappoint.  Maybe the Finns making Iron Sky should start telling Hollywood it’s based on a smash hit European board game and a comic book.  Then they’ll have more millions than my great uncle Randolph from Argentina has suspicious facial scars.


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