Force Unleashed II Trailer Sends In the Clones

10.11.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Man, The Force Unleashed was a mixed bag – a good storyline mixed with a control system more broken than Jar Jar’s English. Now, supposedly they’ve fixed the control problems in the Force Unleashed II. And as for the storyline, the trailers certainly look good as they focus on Starkiller having being cloned (or has he?) by Darth Vader and trying to track down his love interest Juno Eclipse.

This new trailer gives us more of that, along with tons and tons of Starkiller clones, some crazy double-lightsaber-throwing action and the info that no one’s cloned a Jedi before. Man, let’s hope nobody gives Timothy Zahn that bit of news.

Trailer after the jump:

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