Fox Is Really Making a Third X-Files Movie?

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11.08.10 3 Comments

Hey, remember “The X-Files?” That show that was really awesome for about five seasons whenever they weren’t blithering on about some sort of conspiracy B.S. before the conspiracy B.S. got so ridiculous the show couldn’t overwhelm it? The one that was really popular in the ’90s?

Let’s face it, the real mystery we cared about was whether Scully was going to find the truth in Mulder’s pants (spoiler: she did) and whether Gillian Anderson would brave new waters in on-screen prime time nudity (spoiler: she didn’t…but if you’re reading, Gillian, it’s not too late). Once that was answered, nobody cared, but somehow the show stuck around for nine seasons.

Honestly, being a former huge X-Files fan (it was pretty much the Star Trek of the ’90s), I love the show but I still think the movies have been kinda weak; hour-and-a-half episodes instead of actual movies, although Gillian Anderson and Billy Connolly suddenly being in a serious Oscar drama whenever they had a scene together was absolutely hilarious. And now, apparently, if third-hand translations of French websites are to be believed, David Duchovny has admitted they’re making a third one.

And it’ll deal with all that conspiracy stuff that nobody cared about. Meh. Give me the Smoking Man screwing with the Buffalo Bills. Bring back Flukie. There’s gotta be something out of nine years of TV more interesting that that.

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