Fox News Totally Ripped Off The ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Logo In A Hilarious Bit Of Irony

You had to know this was going to happen at some point. It’s one thing when Tea Party groups are co-opting the blatant racist imagery from Bioshock Infinite. You kinda have to expect that. But Fox News just coming in to rip off your logo? That’s either really shameful or hilarious, depending on your point of view.

I tend to lean towards the latter because most of the time it is all so ridiculous and getting mad about it seems to be pointless. It’s just a distraction anyway, so why get pissed? Here’s the original Bioshock Infinite logo for comparison’s sake:

You can take in Fox’s logo above. The real funny bit is how the sentiments sort of remain the same between the two entities here, Bioshock Infinite and Fox News, but the intended target is completely off the base. Unless Fox is building giant airships and plans to attack New York in a fury, which instantly makes this a depressing story.

The image was posted by Ken Levine on Facebook (via Imgur) and was then picked up by Nerdist and the rest of us sensitive shock monkeys. He’s firmly in the “hilarious” camp though, as you can see from his post:

I know I wouldn’t want to be associated with the bad portions of any game or media product that involved horrible racism, oppression and mass murder. At least not if my intended purpose was to spread “freedom” to the world and celebrate America.

Then again, being we are taking some time to look back on our history again this week, it’s pretty fitting. America’s past is full of those kind of things and it’s better to embrace it than try to hide it. Keep on using it, Fox. It’s the good and bad that makes us the great nation we are today. We’re ready for that, right?

(Via AV Club / Nerdist / Ken Levine)