Free Comic Book Day in Australia is Serious Business

Entertainment Editor
05.04.10 2 Comments

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: The Flash, two Jedi, and a thief walk into a comic book store owned by Spider-Man . . . the Aristocrats.  Okay, that’s not how it really ended.  Here’s what happened:

Spider-Man foils a robbery as Jedi knights block the would-be thief’s escape and the Flash watches on.  This was just what happened on Saturday morning when a business owner [Michael Baulderstone] dressed as Spider-Man stopped a man from stealing a comic book [the X-Men Omnibus] worth $160. [HeraldSun via Geekosystem]

The video of the citizen’s arrest is below, but it’s not going to be as cool as what you’re probably imagining.  I’m imagining Spider-Man was all like, “Halt, evildoer!” and shooting webs like pew pew pew and the two Jedi moved stuff with their minds to block the door and there was a T-Rex there also, like I mean an actual real T-Rex but he’s cool, not violent or anything, just chilling, and The Flash was taking pictures with an old-timey camera with a flash on it and he turns to Batman and Robin and he says, “Get it?  It uses flash bulbs,” but they’re too busy making out to pay attention and that’s super hot, and perhaps I’ve said too much.

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