‘Futurama’ Goes Live-Action In This Uncommonly Good-Looking Fan Film

Futurama aired its third, and so far last, series finale back in 2013, although the crew can’t quite stay canceled, turning up on The Simpsons a year later. But fans miss Fry, Leela, and the crew. So, in the absence of the series coming back from the dead for a fourth time, a group of fans decided to make a live-action version.

And no, they didn’t cop out. It’s all here, from Professor Farnsworth’s grump-laden folds to Zoidberg’s dumpster home. They even feature an ad for Bender’s fuel of choice, Olde Fortran. The plot revolves around the professor making the crew ship a ridiculously dangerous invention of his to a planet through a contrived space route that inevitably gets them in trouble. Ah, just like watching an episode! Think we’ll get a clip of The Scary Door?

Jokes aside, this is incredibly impressive, and the eye for detail is shockingly exact. The color palette, character design, and even the framing of certain shots is deliberately pulled right from the show. It’s clearly made with a lot of love and the trailer alone would be impressive. But the full movie is on its way soon, and if they nail the comedy as well as they nail the look, it’ll be a treat for fans.

(via One Perfect Shot)