Gal Gadot Addresses Critics Who Say She Doesn’t Have The Breasts To Play Wonder Woman

Despite having a perfect comic book character name, there’s been a lot of griping about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman. Much of this criticism has focused on Gadot “not having the right body type” to play the Amazon princess, which is basically code for “her breasts aren’t big enough.”

I mean, come on, nobody complained about Linda Carter and her stick arms “not having the right body type”, did they?

Well, in her first major interview since being cast, Gadot had this to say about her crippling lack of boobage

“I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world. Breasts, anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go “by the book”, it’d be problematic.”

So there you have it — be thankful you’re at least getting two boobs. Gadot also promised she’ll be looking more athletic once the filming starts…

“The physical preparations is starting now. A very serious training regimen – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass.”

Don’t get me wrong, I realize not all the complainers are fixated on breast size. It would have been cool if a more athletic type had been cast, but let’s be honest here — there’s not a lot comic book precedent for that. Wonder Woman has almost always been drawn as a not particularly athletic model-type, so there are really no grounds to be appalled when Warner Bros. casts a Gal Gadot. I mean, I love Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman, but I have more muscular arms than her and I regularly spend 10-hours a day in front of a computer.

Oh, here’s the full Gadot interview if you happen to speak Hebrew or just like looking at pretty Jewish ladies…

via /Film

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