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12.23.09 2 Comments

No.  Not like that.

Jefry Tedjokusumo, Steven ZhiYing Zhou, and Stefan Winkler of the National University of Singapore have developed a new game system for first-person shooters that is in some ways like a virtual reality arcade game, but with improved gadgetry. PsyOrg reports:

The augmented reality system is similar to the virtual reality system, except that a player’s head-mounted display has a camera mounted in front to capture the player’s real-world view, and the game can be played in any open environment. The researchers built a game engine to calibrate the real-world data with the gaming environment (which includes the player’s weapon, other virtual game items, and sound effects). In this system, players move around in the real world using a virtual gun or sword to shoot or slash other players.  For both games, the researchers developed a novel method for presenting the player’s view and the weapon’s view separately. With this feature, players can turn their heads to look in various directions while aiming their weapon in a different direction, even if it’s out of the player’s view. To enable the players to aim, a small window called Gun Radar appears at the bottom of the screen, showing the weapon’s point of view. With two different points of view, players can shoot in any direction, even behind their backs.

The volunteers reported a preference for the virtual reality system over the new “augmented reality system.”     Ha ha, all that work and their volunteers still picked Brand X.  Sucks to be them.  *picks M&M off face, eats it*  This story reminded me of a Nick Swardson bit about the future of games:

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