Gamer Drops $15,000 To Play MMO On Asia’s Biggest LED Screen

11.25.10 7 years ago

“Pray pardon, that screen is huge as sh*t!”

I’d argue that most people could find a lot of cool things to do with $15,000 (Charlie Sheen excluded). For starters, you could finally take an expensive trip, remodel the kitchen, donate to charity, invest in your child’s bank fund, finally take an expensive trip, etc. -the possibilities are endless, really. Of course, if you’re the kind of maverick who just can’t stand the thought of some extra cash at your disposal, I suppose you could always drop your 15 grand on renting out Asia’s largest LED screen (and the world’s second biggest LED to date). But what could someone possibly need a 250 meter long X 30 meter wide screen for? My friends, if I told you the truth you probably wouldn’t believe me anyways: it was all in order to play an MMO game on a PC laptop…wait for it… for ten entire minutes.
My favorite part of the story is, as mysterious as it sounds, nobody really knows for sure who the Chinese gamer is/was. Somehow it’s been determined that he’s the guild leader of a famous (unnamed) online game, but anything outside of that is unknown -so for now, I guess we’re all just going to have to continue referring to him as The Beijing Pimp Slap.
Witnesses say that on Sunday, November 21st, sometime around 8:40pm a car pulled up and parked near Beijing’s The Place, host to the 820 foot long screen. The man walked up, laptop in hand, and entered a roped off portion directly below the screen, where a lawn chair was already reclined and waiting. Using the wireless network access code, duder logged on, laid back and tuned out hella hard.
*attempts to start slow clap*
Oh yeah and Happy Thanksgiving, all you savages.
More pictures of the sky screen, along with video from the gaming session, after the jump:

So, I guess when people aren’t gaming on it, The Place’s sky screen displays filthy change for all the beggars to admire.

And I guess f**King whales too?

Footage of the GIANT game session next page:

Behold, the epitome of geek…

Special thanks to MMOsite and Kotaku.

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