Gandalf Doesn’t Have a Contract Yet?

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Everybody’s favorite stoner wizard, Gandalf, is going to be in “The Hobbit”, obviously. But it’s not really clear who will be playing him yet. Or, rather, it is, they just haven’t paid him what he wants yet.

Ian McKellan obviously can’t say too much, but he has admitted he’s not actually under contract yet to play one of two roles he’s famous for. This is probably just minor contract negotiations, but far be it from us not to give desperate LOTR nerds yet another reason to freak out over this production.

Meanwhile, some New Zealanders are bellyaching over the $23 million (on top of the $50 million “The Hobbit” is already getting) that it took to keep “The Hobbit” in New Zealand instead of sending it off to some sort of Eastern European hellhole. They’re wondering whether it was really so important that New Zealand actually hang on to the one movie franchise the nation is known for.

Well, hell, guys, if you want to exclusively be known for sheepshagging jokes, we’re down, but we’ve got to say, we’d spend $73 million to be known for something, anything, else.

[ via ThePlaylist (who also have some casting updates) and the New Zealand Herald ]

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