Get Creepy With The Introspective Art Of CJ Tanedo

CJ Tanedo’s self portraits look like something out of the film “The Cell,” showing the inner struggle of a man by literally showing that man fighting himself. By cleverly playing with the human body, stacking heads on top of themselves, turning the mind into a maze and placing a screaming mouth on a stomach, Tanedo creates images that are both unsettling to look at and thought provoking.

Check out some of our favorites of his pieces in the slideshow or check out his Deviant Art page for his complete profile.

Enemy by CJ Tanedo

Portrait of a Thousand Masks by CJ Tanedo

Counterfeit by CJ Tanedo

Chain of Thoughts by CJ Tanedo

Dawn by CJ Tanedo

The Zoo Keeper by CJ Tanedo

The Inquisition Symphony No. 1 by CJ Tanedo

Smokers by CJ Tanedo

Devour by CJ Tanedo

The Alchemist by CJ Tanedo