Get To Know Ralph Sarchie, The Real NYPD Sergeant Behind ‘Deliver Us From Evil’

On paper, it reads like a typical over-the-top Hollywood premise; a hard-working NYPD sergeant stumbles across a case that leads directly to demonic possession. And in fact, it’s a movie, Deliver Us From Evil. However, the movie is based not only on a novel but on the life of a real person, former NYPD sergeant and demonologist Ralph Sarchie.

The documentary featured above gets into Sarchie himself and the reality behind what he does as a demonologist and how it crossed over with his life as a working police officer. It’s worth watching not least because Sarchie himself is a fairly engaging guy and digs in a bit into what he does and why.

True, the movie is going to be a little different, especially since Sarchie has Eric Bana portraying him. But Sarchie himself is a fascinating figure, and worth knowing more about.

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