‘Ghostbusters’ Busts Out Some Gadgets And Logos In New Clips

Ghostbusters is out next week, and we’ll finally get a chance to see just what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, though, we’ve got a few clips promoting the movie, ranging from gadget tests going wrong to logo tests which, uh, also go wrong, considering what a ditz Kevin is.

Most of the clips put some of the jokes in the trailer into a bit more context. For example, in the first test of the prototype proton pack (the proto-proto-pack?), we mostly get a better look at the ghost the crew’s trying to bust. It turns out to be somebody who got the electric chair, and this appears to be the introduction of Leslie Jones’ character to the group as well. It’s also some pretty sweet ghost design, although whether he’s the lost Scoleri brother remains to be determined.

Aside from the revelations above, we get to see the new Ecto-1 in action, and a little more of Kevin’s attempts at designing logos, which leads to the discovery that Kevin also has an abstract idea for a logo that’s, uh, easily misread. We also finally learn the context of the most important still from the movie, which poses a deep philosophical question we’ll struggle with for a while. Maybe we’ll learn the answer July 15.

(Via YouTube)