GI Joe And The Transformers Officially Team Up In A New Toy Set

It took decades, but Hasbro is finally catching up to the dreams of every ’80s kid by combining GI Joe and the Transformers into one shared universe that not only includes movies, but comics, and, of course, toys. Like this new set, teaming up Scarlett and Powerglide as they fight Zartan and Soundwave.

Thankfully, Scarlett and Powerglide will not be reenacting one of the most notorious episodes of the original Transformers series, not least because Scarlett comes in the box with her crossbow. And Powerglide is a gentleman, of course.

Zartan, meanwhile, comes with a few swappable faces, because really he wouldn’t be Zartan otherwise. That said, driving around a giant blue tank does seem a little bit contrary to his espionage missions, but hey, Soundwave does things his way. At least Zartan isn’t stuck with Starscream.

If you’re interested in seeing the team-ups you tried to make happen as a kid become official, these will be at JoeCon next week as a display, and available for sale at San Diego Comic-Con in July and Fan Expo Canada in September. Of course, if you can’t make either, a few will be for sale directly from Hasbro on their official site.