Godzilla Stomps All Over Empire On Its New Cover

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02.25.14 3 Comments

empire godzilla banner

The beast of public relations has been woken from its slumber, and it’s been promoting Godzilla quite heavily. First there was the trailer, then the poster, and now Empire’s gotten in on the fun.

Here’s the full image:

empire godzilla

The cover is, of course, tied to a cover story, but let’s face it, it’s a movie about a big lizard stomping things. As much as I love Godzilla, and I love Godzilla so much I voluntarily sat through Godzilla Vs. Megalon without Joel and the ‘bots, there’s no “story” here. That cover story is mostly just people trying to pretend they took the movie with the giant lizard stomping things for actorly reasons, instead of the fact that “Being in a Godzilla movie and getting paid for it” is one of the most awesome things on Earth.

Warner Brothers also posted Godzilla’s “roar”, which, well, hear for yourself:

So, in addition to growing another hundred and fifty feet or so, Godzilla ate an entire shipment of reverb pedals and auto-tune devices in this movie? Just for contrast, here’s the classic roar:

Admittedly, they are getting a lot right here; the look is much better than the iguana Devlin and Emmerich foisted on us, and the fact that they’re taking it seriously is also a bonus. But we really hope they go back to the classic roar, because, really, it’s a classic. We’ll find out in May.

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