Good Dog: The Ten Best Dogs in Nerddom

12.14.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

It’s a given that human beings love dogs. Actually, it’s pretty interesting if you follow the evolution of dogs: the entire reason we started taking them in as pets, and tend to get so attached to them, is that they look us in the eye. Wolves don’t do that. Also, they’re adorable, which helps.
So, since we’re in the season where people put their pets in embarrassing sweaters and laugh at them, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate man’s best friend in nerddom. No, not the BFG, although that’s pretty close. We’re talking about the ten best dogs. And they are…

If there’s a program that doesn’t involve space close to the hearts of nerds, it’s “The Simpsons”, and Santa’s Little Helper has been around pretty much since the start of the series.
And also the subject of some of the best gags, especially when it comes to getting along with Snowball II.
From “Tales of Vesperia”, Repede is a dog that fights with daggers and smokes a pipe, which is awesome. He also makes your items up to doubly effective, which is even more awesome, especially in some of the boss fights. Mitigated by the fact that you’ll cry a lot as you learn his backstory.
OK, OK, K9 was a shameless attempt to appeal to kids, part of a long line of somewhat dopey robot sidekicks introduced in the ’70s, but unlike most of them, K9 was actually useful instead of annoying, and there wasn’t a single person who watched “Doctor Who” growing up as a kid who didn’t tear up at his sudden return in the new series, battered but still very much the K9 we remembered.
OK, so technically she’s a wolf. And really a sun goddess. But don’t tell us you wouldn’t like having her around.
Until the last few seasons, the only good thing about “Enterprise”, aside from the Jolene Blalock bikini shoots.
OK, we’ve got to ask, since we can’t be the only ones: did you save Shadow solely because you’d feel bad for Interceptor, stranding his master to die? Especially since he’s so good at parrying?
Are you leading the more annoying characters of “Lost” to their deaths? You are? Good boy! Good boy!
An adorable husky that literally turns into a devil dog is the best pet ever.
Krypto started out as a bad idea, but, amazingly, he’s actually managed to be redeemed. The best Krypto story, and also the saddest, though, isn’t from DC: it’s the fourth issue of Aaron Williams’ brilliant “PS238”, which is currently online.
Arguably, Ein’s smarter than the rest of the crew, and probably the most famous Corgi ever. In fact, we’re pretty sure the cuddly little data dog has done more for Corgis than even Queen Elizabeth II. And, since we love corgis here at Gamma Squad, Ein’s our favorite. Well, for now.

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