Google Enables Shameless Self-Promotion

05.17.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Alec Brownstein had a problem: he was working a crappy job in advertising, and hadn’t yet realized that all jobs in advertising are terrible. But, faced with a competitive industry and a terrible economy, he did what anybody would do in his situation; drink heavily and drunk-dial his ex. Oh, no, wait, he just catered to his potential employer’s profound narcissism.

Brownstein realized that he spent a lot of time Googling himself, and immediately decided that the people he wanted to hire him, despite being respected, intelligent professionals, must be just as vain as he was in this regard.  So he bought their names on Google AdWords, and whenever they Googled themselves, he had an ad at the top of the results saying “Hey, Googling yourself is fun.  You know what else is fun?  Hiring me.”

Despite, or maybe because of, sounding like a prostitute’s come-on, Brownstein was called by all but one of the creative directors, and wound up with two job offers.  Total cost?  Six bucks.  And his dignity, but we guess that was already gone since he works in advertising.

[ via CNN ]

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