‘Gotham’ Star Camren Bicondova Finally Got To Meet Her Favorite Fellow Catwoman

A lot of actresses have played Selina Kyle over the years (we’ve had nearly as Catwomans as Batmans) with Gotham‘s Camren Bicondova being the most recent. Back in 2014, we asked Camren who of her many predecessors was her favorite, and she proved herself wise beyond her years by picking Julie Newmar.

“I like Julie Newmar! She’s awesome! There’s this one scene, where she’s trying to persuade Batman into doing…something, he says to her, ‘You’re a very attractive woman, Catwoman,’ and she leaned over the couch like a cat and said, ‘I know.’ And I just thought that was the best thing ever! I love her, I want to meet her!”

Newmar played Catwoman for the first two seasons of the classic ’60s Batman series, redefining what was a fairly minor character in the comics at the time. The slinky leather costumes, the vamp-ish delivery, the sense of humor — that was all Newmar. Newmar would be replaced by Eartha Kitt in Batman‘s final season and Lee Meriwether in the 1966 movie, but Newmar is still the best-remembered ’60s Catwoman.

Well, nearly two years after admitting her fandom, Camren Bicondova got to meet Julie Newmar on an episode of Hallmark’s Home & Family. The meeting is a little awkward, as getting to meet your heroes often is, but Newmar gave exactly the response you’d hope for when asked for a verdict on the younger Catwoman.

“Should I say it? She is, purrrrfection.”

What more do you need than that?

The last episode of Gotham left us with a fiery Selina Kyle cliffhanger, so make sure to catch the next episode this coming Monday on Fox.

(Via Hallmark Channel)