‘Gotham’ To Bring Obscure Flamboyant Face-Eating Villain ‘Flamingo’ To Season Two

Getty Image / DC Comics

Gotham premiered its villain-heavy second season last week, and things are aiming to get pretty neat in the coming months. The influence of other successful comic book shows like The Flash and Daredevil may have actually made an impact on Fox and if the new red band trailer and kooky premiere episode tell us anything, it’s that this new season is going to attempt to bring the crazy.

Speaking of crazy, Variety is reporting that another strange villain is coming to the streets of Gotham this season, and this guy is an odd sort, to be sure. The writers of the Batman prequel series have tapped into some obscure subject matter and found their next bad guy in the Flamingo.

Raul Castillo (Looking) has been cast in the role, which is inspired by a character created by Grant Morrison. In case you thought Penguin was one ridiculous bird, check this dude out. Flamingo is a flamboyant serial killer who wears pink, carries a whip, and eats people’s faces of his own volition and without any ingestion of bath salts.

Even though all these new villains are throwing any concept I’ve had of an overall cohesive Batman story timeline out of whack, this latest addition should make things rather interesting for the series. With so many superhero TV options to choose from right now, Fox really needs some more interesting things in play if they want to stay in the game.

(Via Variety)