This New ‘Gotham’ Season Two Clip Might Actually Make You Like Barbara

I know, I know, we agreed Barbara was the worst. She didn’t have a personality, she didn’t really even have any sort of motivation, and her best moment last season was getting taken out by Leslie. At least two of those problems have been solved in this clip.

As we noted before, Gotham is going to open with a massive breakout at Arkham. And it appears Barbara has been sent there for that whole “killing her parents” thing. What I like about this clip, beyond Jerome’s response to Barbara’s crime, is that Barbara has, you know, a personality here. She does things! She doesn’t just sit there and whine! That she sticks it to Jerome there at least twice really helps matters as well.

Granted, this does raise the issue of whether she’ll disappear again as the show’s cast balloons, although if she keeps up the snarky femme fatale act, she would make a decent occasional guest star. Still, it’s a good thing to see that Gotham has managed to turn one of its worst characters into somebody we can actually tolerate. Now, if Fish Mooney can just stay dead and we can get more of Oswald’s mom?

(Via Comic Book Movie)