‘Grand Theft Auto: Madrid’ Proves GTA V Was Really Set In Spain

Senior Contributor
07.01.14 2 Comments

Grand Theft Auto V is set in a parody of Los Angeles, right? The golf, the smug hipsters, the relentlessly sunny climate, it’s all a note-perfect parody of the City of Angels. Although, as this video proves, maybe not.

It’s not a one-to-one match between every shot in the trailer and every shot in the live-action version, filmed in Madrid and the surrounding areas. And there is a little computer trickery involved. But Zapruder Films did a surprisingly good job of arguing that Los Santos is based more on Madrid than Los Angeles.

Of course, this does raise a few questions. For example, if Los Santos is Madrid, does that make Trevor English? That is what’s directly north. Hey, it’d even make a certain amount of sense, bar the accent.

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