Eat Enough Peyote In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ And You’ll Fight Teen Wolf. As Bigfoot.

Grand Theft Auto V has many fun activities you can explore in its vast overworld and mods, and one of the most popular is finding peyote, eating it, and becoming an animal in the game. You can fly around as a bird and crap on cars, run around as a dog, and, if you find the seven golden peyotes, you’ll turn into Bigfoot and fight Teen Wolf.

Okay, it’s a bit more complicated than that. To pop this particular Easter Egg, you’ll need to have 100% completion in the game, finish the Strangers & Freaks quest “The Last One,” and must have found the 27 other peyote plants hidden in the game. None of these tasks are particularly easy in and of themselves, so this is really for people who’ve finished the game and are looking for a little more fun with it as we patiently wait for the summer gaming doldrums to end.

But, if you manage to follow the trail of corpses Teen Wolf, called “The Beast,” leaves in his wake and take him down in the game, you’ll get both him and Bigfoot in the game’s Director Mode. So while you won’t be able to pull off heists with Trevor, you will be able to run around Los Santos as a hairy fanged beast with a gun. Really, that’s all we wanted.

(via VG 24/7)