The Latest ‘GTA Online’ Expansion Turns Los Santos Into A Gravity-Defying ‘Mario Kart’ Circuit

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online have been around for a while now. Long enough that most people still playing no longer really care about the characters, story, heists, or anything like that. Instead, the games have largely transformed into a place for people to pull off wacky virtual stunts. Drive your car off a bridge and land it on top of a skyscraper — that kind of stuff.

Well, the latest expansion for GTA Online wholeheartedly embraces what it’s become. GTA Online: Cunning Stunts (oh, you naughty Brits) turns San Andreas into a crazy, gravity-defying fantasy facing game akin to Mario Kart 8 or perhaps Ubisoft’s Trackmania series. The expansions promises giant loops, jumps, boosts and, of course, a whole host of new vehicles to race. Grand Theft Auto has never been particularly known for it’s driving controls, but hell, that might be part of the fun.

Rockstar should just keep building new games on top of GTA V/Online. Give us a platformer where a terrifying, super-powered Trevor leaps from roof to roof, or have Michael move to the country and do a farming sim. People are going to buy whatever they put the GTA brand on.

GTA Online blows you away with these Cunning Stunts on July 12.

(Via IGN)