"Guardians of the Galaxy" Coming to Screens 2014

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06.29.12 11 Comments

Really, Marvel? That’s your big play?

It makes sense, in a way. We all know that “The Avengers 2” will be coming in 2015 and will feature a space-faring bad guy (I know you all know who this guy is, but there’s always that one ass who screams about spoilers and I’ve got better things to do today than lecture him about sucking). And I’m assuming this is the new version of the Guardians, with Adam Warlock, Drax, etc, who get in a big fight with said space-faring bad guy. This movie will also lead directly into “Avengers 2”, so there’s that.

Latino Review points out that we’ve seen an awful lot of Nova lately, so it’s likely the movie will center around him.

And my soul cringes inside saying this, but it’ll probably feature Rocket Raccoon. As in, Rocket Raccoon recruits Nova from Earth. KIDS LOVE TALKING ANIMALS!

You might detect a slight hint of skepticism, and you’d be correct. Not that I don’t think this couldn’t make a good movie, but I don’t think a movie made entirely of, let’s face it, back-benchers has quite the appeal Marvel thinks it does.

That said, Marvel does have a record of getting the right director for the material. I could see this working well with a director such as Joe Cornish or Ruben Fleischer. With the right tone, this could work. But this is by no means a chip shot, and Marvel’s going to have to work hard to sell this one.

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