Guy Turns Desk Lamp Into Robotic Computer Assistant

Entertainment Editor
06.11.10 3 Comments

You’re reading about Coke while drinking Coke? Madness.

Natan Linder at MIT has combined a Pico-projector, camera, and wireless computer into a small gesture-based computer system that can screw into a standard light fixture to power itself.  He’s calling it a LuminAR, and the one in the video demo below is screwed into his custom-built robotic desk lamp that moves the projected computer screen based on his hand gestures.  I wonder what it does if he flips it off?

Besides projecting the internet onto any surface, it can also recognize hand movements well enough to project a keyboard onto a surface.  It can also wirelessly communicate with other computers, some cellphones, and other electronics, so it can be used to augment another device.  I hope it calls them mean names, and then they say, “Your mother was desk lamp” and then they have a rap freestyle battle.


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