Half-Life Fan Film: 11-Minutes of Geeky Greatness

01.24.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Usually when I hear the words “fan film” I start breaking out in dry sweats throw up blood and usually piddle a little bit, but things were significantly different today after watching this Half-Life inspired fan film, Beyond Black Mesa.

Filming with a Canon HV20, director Brian Curtin shot the entire 12-minute short with just seven of his friends and a budget of only $1,200.

This film is not HL,HL2 or Opposing Forces. It’s a short fan film that takes place in the Half-Life world. Also, as a completely independent film, we wanted to have a creative voice in the movie and make it a movie that we would enjoy shooting. We took artistic freedoms and liberties, unfortunately most of those decisions were determined by our limited resources. [source]

The fan film follows resistance fighter Adrian Shephard and a band of his cohorts, all fighting to help spread word of the invasion that is coming. The post effects are actually really effective and enjoyable to watch. Sure it’s still a short film based on a video game, but it’s clear that the production crew at least gave a damn about what they were doing. Hard to complain when there’s cool stylized visual effects and gore to be had by all. Now you stay right there, I’m going to go slip into something a little more comfortable…

[via Technabob]

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