‘Halloween’ Is Returning, But Should It?

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08.20.14 18 Comments

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The original Halloween is a great thriller that holds up even now thanks to John Carpenter’s direction and some careful choices that make it a slow, creepy burn. Since then, Michael Myers has suffered indignities too numerous to mention. So, can Michael Myers rest in his grave? HA! Not a chance!

SchmoesKnow has a rather lengthy breakdown of where the franchise is headed. And while grains of salt must be used to season the news, there are no weird off the wall claims here: Rob Zombie is out, new screenwriters are in, and while it’s technically following on from Zombie’s godawful reboot, it will essentially throw out all of the trailer trash shtick Zombie has to work into any movie he directs and just have Michael Myers stabbing people.

Still, you have to wonder: What’s the point? True, it’ll be a welcome switch from the current horror trend of everything being haunted, but at the same time, if you’re just going to imitate Carpenter’s movie, why not come up with a new slasher? Seriously, we’re talking about a franchise that has sunk so low, there’s a scene where Michael Myers gets a roundhouse kick to the face from Busta Rhymes. The most exciting slasher story coming up is Until Dawn, and that’s a video game.

Let Michael Myers rest. Let’s dig somebody new out of the grave.

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