Here’s The First Taste Of Han Solo’s Solo Film From ‘Star Wars’ Celebration

The final day of Star Wars Celebration in London likely carried some of the loftier announcements for George Lucas’ sci-fi epic. Not only did we learn a bit about Episode VIII, but we got our first taste of the upcoming Han Solo spin-off from Phil Lord and Chris Miller and starring Alden Ehrenreich.

Miller and Lord came to London just two days prior to this appearance at Celebration in order to get settled and start production on the film — something they’re hoping to start doing in January if all goes according to schedule. Their arrival on stage was followed by a load of hugs:

The pair are apparently the right names to tackle any Han Solo movie. For Lord, he relates to Han because he’s sarcastic, doesn’t like doing what he’s told, but is still “unreasonably optimistic.” Miller on the other hand always had to play Han Solo on the playground, while his sister’s played Leia and Leia’s sister Margot — made up in one of those weird playground methods we’ve all dealt with. There’s also the whole thing about Solo not being too smart that drew Miller into it all.

They try to get some internet controversy brewing by showing an “exclusive” from the film — a funny bit that we won’t spoil, but it’s definitely not from the movie — and then reveal that they were almost in Rogue One:

Looking pretty snazzy. Wouldn’t be the first time one of them had a cameo in a film, with Miller appearing in The Empire Strikes Back special edition as a stormtrooper:

But enough about Lord and Miller. Let’s get on with the film and what it took to get to this point, namely the 3000 actors that auditioned for the role before Alden Ehrenreich landed it. This is technically the first confirmation of Ehrenreich winning the role, leading to this money quote:

“Total waste of money because it went to the first person to audition.”

Ehrenreich then appears, revealing that he auditioned for six months and got to go on the Falcon itself during the process. There’s no way to really top that sort of audition experience and once he landed the role, he did the only thing you could do: told his mother. And she’s the only one who knew.

No other big announcements from this panel, but we do know the film is coming. Being the farthest out, it makes sense we wouldn’t get too much. It’s sort of the audition for the fans, minus the Falcon and countless hours.