Hang Ten With The Links

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09.24.10 3 Comments

Now there’s video of the surfing dogs along with awesomely captioned Point Break references like the one above. You get me, Burnsy. You really get me. [WithLeather]

Is Facebook Jealous of The Googlephone? [

New Meme: Confused Cupcake Keanu [Filmdrunk]

This Week in NFL Memes [KissingSuzyKolber]

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman, Take 2 [WarmingGlow]

NBA Elite 11 Demo Drives Towards PS3, Xbox 360 [TSS]

19 Dogs With Big Cats [Buzzfeed]

Know Your Dangerous Zombie Types [Unreality]

The Ten Best Randy Quaid Movie Roles [EgoTV]

Woman Fights Off Bear Attack with Zucchini [ForkParty]

Eleven Awesome, Epic, Terrible and Hilarious Rap Movie Themes [TheSmokingJacket]

Best Insulting New Names for High Fructose Corn Syrup [Discoblog]

FIRST VIDEO BELOW: Let the bodies hit the floor, Benny Hinn remix [via B&P]

SECOND VIDEO BELOW: When you combine Potassium Chlorate with sugar and a drog of sulfuric acid, it makes an awesome fire. Here’s that demonstrated with a gummi bear. GRRR, SCIENCE! [via Buzzfeed]

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