Harley Quinn Will Anchor An All-Female Superteam Movie For DC Comics

Harley Quinn is easily one of DC’s most popular characters at the moment, and Suicide Squad is about to raise her profile even further. And DC, observing how popular Wonder Woman was, is apparently wasting no time getting her a team of her own.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie is signed for and will produce a movie that revolves around Harley Quinn and several of DC’s other superheroines and villainesses. Interestingly, the ideas seem to come from Robbie, who hired a writer to develop the movie and pitched it to Warner Bros. Unsurprisingly, another hugely popular character, Batgirl, and her team The Birds of Prey have been rumored to turn up, but it’s not clear whether Harley will be signing onto a superteam or trying to avoid getting arrested by them.

Harley is a relatively recent character, originally created by Paul Dini for the ’90s classic Batman: The Animated Series. Originally she was intended to be comic relief and a foil for the Joker, but she caught on in her own right and has been popular ever since, especially among cosplayers. A Harley movie seemed inevitable, really, and it’s a bit surprising it took this long to get it in the works, provided Suicide Squad isn’t de facto a Harley Quinn movie anyway. In the comics, in particular, she teams up with Poison Ivy quite a bit, although the precise nature of their relationship varies from writer to writer.

Similarly, it puts a little pressure on Marvel to step up their game. Wonder Woman is arriving next year, and, depending on when Ben Affleck wants to pull on the Batsuit, Harley’s solo movie could arrive as soon as 2018. Meanwhile, Marvel will hopefully be launching Captain Marvel in March 2019 and claims to be “committed” to a Black Widow movie, although not so committed they’ll announce a release date or anything.

Of course, nothing might come of this, but we’ll find out Harley’s chances of going solo soon enough. Suicide Squad arrives August 5.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)