Hasbro Announces That They Will Be Treating Us To 10 More Years Of ‘Transformers’ Films

Worldwide Premiere Of "Transformers: Age Of Extinction"
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Look, we already knew that there was going to be a fifth movie in the Transformers franchise. Mark Wahlberg confirmed it, and he made sure to note that Michael Bay was coming back to direct. But now Hasbro has announced that we can expect a lot more from the Transformers universe. Namely a total of four movies and an animated prequel. You knew this was going to happen, but that doesn’t make it much easier.

At MIP Junior 2015, Stephen Davis gave a keynote for Hasbro (embedded below) that showcases all the company’s plans for Transformers in the near future. There’s plenty of talk about the animated series, but the top point is the existence of four films in total according to Coming Soon:

“Well, you’re going to see a new Transformers movie coming from Hasbro and Paramount and Michael Bay and our other partners,” he says. “In fact, we just finished, as some of you may have read, just an incredible experience. We decided that we wanted to plot out the next 10 years of the Transformers franchise, so we got together in a room over a three-month period of time. Nine of some of the most creative writers I have ever worked with, shepherded by Akiva Goldsman, who many of you may know won an Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind and written a bunch of great movies. And they plotted out the next 10 years of Transformers. Similarly, we are doing the same in television and in digital. So stay tuned, Transformers 5 is on its way, and 6 and 7 and 8.”

Ten years of Transformers. Ten years of the explosive, somewhat confusing action that has been a hallmark of the series to this point. For every cool moment, there’s a number on the opposing side that feature robot testicles, odd human relationships, and a severe lack of robots transforming or fighting. If only this could go back and give the people an animated version that looks as good as Transformers: Devastation. Sadly we’ll be stuck with more sharp looking robotic-like things.

(Via Coming Soon / Transformers World)