Have a 1998 Pre-Order Receipt for Duke Nukem Forever?

10.11.10 7 years ago

Then Gearbox, the studio that’s actually finishing the game and releasing it (we hope), wants to honor it.

One thing has been consistent throughout the years: game stores have been happy to take pre-orders for “Duke Nukem Forever”, even if the game has kept creeping past the horizon. It’s free cash because, hey, it’s not like there would ever be an actual GAME, right? Well, now that there is, Gearbox is trying to ensure that people actually get what they paid for from their friendly local gaming store, provided it’s still in business.

We’re skeptical that Gearbox will get anything out of GameStop other than “Frak you, make sure they finish the game fast so we can buy it back and resell it for five bucks off the new price”, but it’s really nice of them to actually try to honor the requests of the faithful. There are companies that could stand to learn from this.

[ via CrunchGear, image source: DNFL ]

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