This Teaser Shows Off ‘Westworld’ As HBO’s New Must-Watch Show

With Game of Thrones looking to come to a conclusion within the next few years, HBO understands that part of the game is to keep pumping out new, exciting shows to keep subscribers talking about their channel. The competition has become more fierce in the past few years, with companies like Netflix, Amazon and even Hulu creating their own, premium content to compete with some of the cable television heavyweights, meaning that HBO needs to stay ahead of the curve in finding that next Game of Thrones.

The latest attempt to wow over audiences will be a remake of the 1973 science fiction classic Westworld. The original film was based on the premise of adult-oriented “worlds” built for amusement that were populated by highly-intelligent androids indistinguishable from humans. The movie touched upon heavy concepts like the value of artificial intelligence, human morality and our reliance on technology. Westworld takes place inside of the “western” artificial world, with this same company offering other themes like medieval and Roman, the American West setting adding a layer of grit to the sci-fi depth.

Excitement for this show is based around the fact that Christopher Nolan’s brother and collaborator, Jonathan Nolan, is the co-creator and co-show runner for the series, directing both the premiere and season finale of the show. That, on top of a pretty blockbuster cast. HBO is going all out for this new show and we’re hoping that it lives up to the hype. This trailer made it look pretty incredible. Westworld is set to debut in October of 2016.