Hello, Tech Support? How Do I Turn Off The Googles?

06.08.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Not only did Google’s Pac-Man front page (still playable also caused at least one hilarious facepalm of a tech support call.  A woman called (audio clip below) to ask how to get the Pac-Man game off her home page, because the music continuously playing in the background was making it hard to listen to videos.  Meanwhile, the bemused representative stifles laughter the entire time, somehow not losing it when the concept of “clicking the X in the top right corner” was too complicated to understand.  Did she think clicking that X would delete Google from the universe?  Ha ha, old people are old.

The maddening thing about this is that it sounds exactly like every computer-related discussion I’ve ever had with my mom.  And she’s still the one all her friends go to for tech advice.  She can, after all, attach files to emails by herself.  They’re 8 MB bitmap files containing a bad joke from 1974 in Comic Sans font, but she can send them without any help.  Oh boy, can she ever.

[Video via Today’s Big Thing, inset pic via Superpoop]

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