Here Are Some Clips Of Video Games Making Kids Incredibly Happy On Christmas

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Stick with this gaming thing for too long and you become pretty jaded — a game didn’t get over 85 on Metacritic? Screw it, it’s garbage. A new console comes out and isn’t perfect on day one? Ugh, no second chances, it’s trash.
Don’t you sometimes wish you could return to a simpler time? A time when you didn’t obsessively read game reviews and could totally fall in love with some random stupid game you played at your friend’s house or grabbed off the shelf because it had a cool cover? When you didn’t notice your console’s flaws because hey, it’s not like your parents are going to buy you a different one, and besides, it plays video games so it’s awesome by definition?
Here’re a few videos to take you back to that place…

via Kotaku & GoNintendo

The part after the initial joy when he starts worrying about how much it cost his parents? That’s how you know you raised a good kid.
Yup, inconsolable tears of joy over Tank! Tank! Tank! The lowest rated Wii U launch title. Yes, lower than Funky Barn. This isn’t just an over-emotional kid excited to get any game either — apparently he loved the arcade version of the game, and wanted a Wii U just to play the home version. This video should required viewing for any game reviewer who starts feeling a little too important.
And hey, here’s the granddaddy of all “kids being made deliriously happy by video games on Christmas” videos…
What about you folks? What are your fondest Christmas video game memories?

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