Here Are The 20 Essential PSOne Classics To Play In Honor Of Playstation’s 20th Birthday

12.05.14 4 years ago 61 Comments


Believe it or not, the original Playstation, and thus Sony’s entire Playstation line, turned the big two-oh this week. In other news, yes, you are very old.

Want to check out/re-experience some vintage Playstation games, but don’t want to mess with old finicky hardware? Well, over the past few years Sony has been quietly releasing a steady stream of PSOne Classic titles, which you can download and play on your PS3, PSP or Vita (for some reason they can’t be played on the PS4 yet). Sony has yet to re-release every major PS1 game, but they’ve hit a good percentage of them, so here’s a list of PSOne Classics you can and should play in celebration of the Playstation’s b-day…



Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Playstation wasn’t that big on 2D stuff, and yet it still played host of the ultimate 2D Castlevania title. If you’ve ever enjoyed a “Metroidvania” game, you need to familiarize yourself with Symphony of the Night.



Final Fantasy VII

Come on now, this list just wouldn’t have been complete without Final Fantasy VII, now would it? Honestly the game is a little clunky compared some later Playstation Final Fantasies, but this game is still worth checking out, if only for historical curiosity purposes.



Final Fantasy IX

Now this right here is my Playstation Final Fantasy jam – hell, it might be my favorite Final Fantasy ever. With beautiful art and rock-solid gameplay that hearkens back to 8 and 16-bit RPGs, Final Fantasy IX is a fantastic nostalgia bomb.



Herc’s Adventures

Okay, this one’s a bit under the radar – published by LucasArts, Herc’s Adventures is basically a 32-bit remake of Zombies Ate My Neighbors except with a cartoony Greek theme. Oh, and it’s pretty damn funny too, featuring voices acting from some of the top names in the game, including Homer Simpson himself, Dan Castellaneta.



Jumping Flash!

Jumping Flash is one of those weird 3D platformers that predates Mario 64, but unlike most early 3D platformers this one still holds up. The game and its weird aesthetics take getting used to, but once you do Jumping Flash is some solid, simple fun.




The RPG most people went to after finishing Final Fantasy VII. Suikoden didn’t really push the Playstation hardware, but it was a good, solidly written old-school RPG with a crazy-huge selection of available party members.

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