Here’s A Supercut Of Germans Storming Stores For A PS4

The PS4 launched in Europe over the weekend, and the numbers aren’t fully in yet. One thing that’s clear is that it was popular; the PS4 outsold the Wii U’s lifetime numbers and the Xbox One’s launch numbers in the UK and set a new record into the bargain. And we’re guessing it was really popular in Germany, if this supercut is any indication.

Just to be clear, this is German. However, it will feature the occasional English and German profanities as German bros, moms, and other assorted shoppers and nerds sprint for the counter like there was a zombie attack outside.

Probably the best moment in the entire video is where sprinting German nerds, desperate to grab a PS4 off the pile, take out the standee like it wasn’t there:

Also, a lot of Germans are apparently pretty good at snagging PS4s while running; a lot of the video shows the first few just grabbing a box mid-sprint and heading straight for the checkout line. Maybe they’re Olympians, practicing for the Games?

Sony has declined to release any official numbers outside of the UK, but it seems safe to assume from this that the PS4 did pretty well in Europe. Now to see how it does against the Xbox One, worldwide, as Christmas approaches.