Hey Axe Users — Stop Having Sex With Models for a Minute and Help Axe Make a Comic Book

01.09.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

So, you’ve been regularly dousing yourself in the prescribed amounts of Axe body-spray, and yet haven’t found yourself swarmed by even one measly mob of bikini-clad models — what could you be doing wrong?

It’s not enough to just buy the body-spray guys, you have to become engaged with the Axe brand on a deeper level. How? Why, by helping design the upcoming Axe comic book, Axe Anarchy! Yup, Axe is planning to do a comic book — it will star three seductive lady cops who, I presume, spend most of the book having raunchy sex with 110-pound high school guys who have made the wise decision to purchase hot new Axe fragrances like “Phoenix” and “Dark Temptation”.

This video explains how you can get involved in all the hot promotional comic action…


That’s right, YOU can choose whether you want the third Anarchy girl to have brown or blonde hair! YOU can make exciting, sexy plot suggestions (just, you know, nothing outside of generic action movie territory, since the book’s almost certainly already been written). YOU can appear as a random guy standing in the background looking far too eager (hey, just like in real life!) Phew! How could you ever turn you back on the Axe brand of products after they’ve made all your mildest making-decisions-for-large-breasted-ladies fantasies come true?

Axe has even filmed a live action promo for the comic. Check it out after the jump…


Is taking your clothes off really part of regular police-chase procedure? Well if it isn’t, it oughta be! Whoa-ho! Know what I’m saying guys? Hoo hah! Yowza!

via The Beat

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