Hey Star Wars Guys — 3D Holographic Leia Now Possible

11.17.11 7 years ago

Remember those holograms R2-D2 would project in the old Star Wars movies? Those were kind of cool, right? Well, technology has finally caught up with the imagination of mid-70s George Lucas — Japanese company Burton Inc. has developed a new display technology that can project 3D images in mid-air using lasers. Is there anything lasers can’t do?

Check out a video of the new display in action after the jump.

Not bad. All they have to do now is change the tint of the display from green to blue and resist the urge to improve the resolution. The fact that the images are kind of blurry and difficult to distinguish just helps with the whole Star Wars vibe. Plus if these guys are into developing Star Wars technology, we’d prefer they move on from the 3D display as quickly as possible and start making what we really want — lightsabers. Come on, the world is ready. We need a new way to kill each other.

via Technabob

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