Hey Xbox Owners — First Look at Halo 4! New Info on Fable and Forza Games Coming in 2012! Come and Get It!

03.06.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Back at E3 2011 Microsoft made the shocking announcement that there would in fact be another Halo game, but we haven’t heard or seen much of Halo 4 since then. Well, that changed yesterday when Microsoft released a short video detailing the making of Halo 4. Don’t worry, the video’s not all talking heads telling you how rad Halo is — there’s also quite a bit of in-game footage. Hit the jump to check ‘er out…

If for some reason you don’t want to/can’t watch the video, here’s a little Halo 4 primer — it’s the first in a new trilogy and also the first to not be developed by Bungie (instead it’s being handled by 343 Industries, a studio set up by Microsoft specifically to handle the Halo franchise). The game will feature the return of Master Chief and according to 343 they’re looking to delve more deeply into his character and backstory. Halo 4 is set to arrive fall of 2012.

My impressions based on that video — the game’s certainly more visually impressive than the other Halo games this generation, and it looks like they’ve added a dash of Metroid Prime with the increased agility of Master Chief. I’m not exactly a Halo aficionado though — what do you guys think? Here’s another Halo 4 screenshot to look at as you mull over your response.

Why Master Chief…I don’t recall your armor textures being so…detailed before.

That’s not all the Microsoft news we’ve got for you. That Halo 4 video was first shown to the gaming press last week at Microsoft’s “Spring Showcase”. Hit up page 2 to read about some other stuff Microsoft unveiled at the press event…

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