Hideo Kojima Of Metal Gear Solid Fame Thinks He’s Walter White

03.06.14 4 years ago
metal gear solid breaking bad


Game developers make bold claims constantly. Heck, Peter Molyneaux will make a bold claim if you ask him what his sandwich order is. So it takes a lot to get us to pay attention, and invoking Breaking Bad is a good way to do it.

Hideo Kojima, talking once again about Metal Gear Solid, argued on GameSpot that games won’t get far artistically if they aren’t willing to touch on difficult topics. He also made a rather oddball comparison, even for him:

“In Breaking Bad, I also see that these guys are trying to go to the limit; trying to take it as far as they can to try to get their message across. For us as well. In games we have to go to the limit; we want to stay within this limit of how far…pushing the boundaries of conveying our message. We look around and we don’t see too many games like this; that is unfortunate,” he said.

As far as we know, Kojima is not making meth in an RV on the Konami campus, although if he was, honestly, that would explain… well, pretty much everything, really. Think about it; Kojima does some meth, writes the script, does some more meth, and has the brilliant idea to make those ninety-minute cutscenes unskippable.

Joking aside, one hopes Kojima’s mouth isn’t writing a check his game can’t cash. The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been undeniably great in quite a few ways, but the game’s story is and always has been a bit… goofy. That’s part of the charm. We’ll see if Kojima really is Walter White, just Japanese. And without the cancer. And without the selling illegal drugs… OK, this metaphor is falling apart.

Via GameSpot

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