High-Schoolers Suspended After Lightsaber Duel, Parents Just Don’t Understand

06.01.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

That kid you see in the image to your right there is Kevin Carr, a student at Westfield High School in Massachusetts. He’s one of the bright minds that looks forward to graduating someday. No, Kevin was not suspended for staging a lightsaber battle in his school cafeteria, but the good news is that two of his senior classmates were! And when classmates get suspended it’s very upsetting. To everyone. That’s exactly why Kevin was sure to where his “What’s Your O-Face?” shirt when interviewed by local news affiliate whdh.

“So one kid walked in from one side of the lunchroom and another one to the other side, and he called him out in a fight…And they pulled out their saber toys and in a joking manner proceeded to fight for a solid, like, 30 seconds,” said Kevin Carr.

“Everybody laughed at it…gave them a standing ovation. Nobody saw it as a big deal,” said Carr. [whdh]

One person who wasn’t a part of that standing ovation was Principal Raymond Broderick. Broderick thought the rehearsed prank was highly unoriginal and overly celebrated inappropriate and could have easily smashed some poor bystander in the eyes, so now both of the Westfield lightsaber pranksters have been suspended. Later in the week, the two students will have to go before the school board to find out whether or not they’ll be allowed to walk at their graduation -hopefully determined by some kind of battle with actual metallic blades.

News segment after the jump:

I’m guessing this is what they were trying to pull off:


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