Hollywood Gets Into The Horrifying Real Life Animal Game With ‘The Bay’

One of the staples of writing nerdy stuff online is shining a light on the occasional horrifying real life animal. One of the most horrifying of horrifying real life animals is cymothoa exigua, an alien-like parasite that sneaks into the mouths of fish, eats their tongues, then continues to live in the fish’s mouth, replacing their tongue. That’s a cymothoa exigua to the right. Yeah, sorry for inflicting that on you.

Well, it seems Hollywood is getting in on the “highlighting horrifying animals” game, because there’s going to be an entire movie made about fish-tongue parasites. The Bay imagines a world where cymothoa exigua parasites aren’t satisfied with mere fish tongues — they’re out for human blood.

Hit the jump for the ridiculous/actually pretty creepy trailer…

“Just when you thought it was safe to look into a fish’s mouth…”

via io9