Holy Crap, The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Video Game Movie Looks Awesome

11.17.11 7 years ago

I don’t believe it’s a huge stretch of the imagination to say that most feature films based on video games are very, very bad. Coincidentally, growing up and being forced by my mother to watch Night Court, along with Law & Order, was always pretty damn frustrating too. I pray though that with Japan’s Gyakuten Saiban (from the popular Capcom vidego game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) the mold has been broken. Not to mention the film is directed by none other than Takashi Miike, one of the coolest directors they could find. Food for thought: Takashi Miike directs over eight films a year – I don’t even shower that often.

Check after the jump for an English-subtitled version of their latest Gyakuten Saiban trailer:

[via BleedingCool]

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