‘Big Hero 6’ Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment, But Baymax Can Treat Any Burns

Big Hero 6 was based on an obscure Marvel property, yet it grossed over $650 million — Disney’s third highest grossing film of all-time — and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Because that big marshmallow-y Baymax is just so likable, and all the characters’ enthusiasm is infectious (luckily, Baymax can help with infections). Big Hero 6 ended up being such a surprise success that there were rumors of a sequel followed by an announcement of a TV series in development for 2017 on Disney XD.

And now, like all successful movies, it seems, Big Hero 6 is getting the honest trailers treatment. Like usual, their nicknames for some of the characters may be the best part. We’re calling Baymax “Marshmall-O-Bamacare” from now on.

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Via Screen Junkies